At this month’s Northamptonshire Property Social, on Monday 18 June at Cheyne Walk Club, local landlords and property developers will meet property coach and mentor expert Mark Dearing of Mentors Inc. 
“He actively invests with other people and applies current and up to date strategies all the time. He is constantly in tune with the evolving market and understands how to make property work for people. He likes to keep it simple and produces some great templates often bespoke to the mentee's position within the property market at that time.” 
Mentors inc. offer 1 to 1 mentoring and 3 or 6 month courses to give you the guidance you need to succeed, wherever you are on your property journey. 
Mark has been in property since 2002 and has been mentoring for over seven years. He will be sharing his extensive knowledge of the industry at this month’s Northamptonshire Property Social. 
He is well known for his strategies, time management, systemisation, due diligence and forward business planning. He is passionate about other people’s success and is often heard on the property circuit presenting 35 ways to source your property. 
Mark will be covering the importance of due diligence and how to do it to minimise your risk. He will also be talking a little bit about one of his latest projects. 
If you’re interested in sharing some of Marks property wisdom and would like to meet other property professionals in the Northamptonshire area please contact Amber Properties on 01604 644 449. Alternatively, you can book online. 
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