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A house in multiple occupation or HMO is an increasingly common buy to let opportunity that has gained in popularity in recent years. 
Essentially a HMO is a house that is occupied by two or more people who not part of the same family. It can include flatlets and bedsits, student accommodation, lodgings and self-contained flats created by a conversion 
When it comes to buying and selling a property, timing is important. There are periods when you should hold onto a property, there are moments to offload your portfolio and the right time or opportunity to buy. 
A lot depends on what you want to achieve and, to a certain extent, your personality. Some investors love the challenge of buying a property, doing it up and then selling it on for a profit. Others want to combine a steady income through renting their property out with longer term growth. 
If you want to circumvent the traditional buying route for a home, flat or commercial premises, you can always try you hand at a property auction. It’s not generally for the faint hearted but has become an increasingly popular way to pick up a great deal. 
While it might not be the usual fayre from your average estate agent, you could well be getting a bargain that delivers a great ROI. 
Opinions vary from landlord to landlord whether allowing tenants to keep pets is a good thing or not. If you’re currently sitting on the fence, you might be swayed by the fact that around three quarters of pet owners currently have trouble finding accommodation. 
According to some recent news, if Labour get in at the next election they have plans to make it a right for tenants to own a pet. Many landlords may like to take that into account when considering the type of rental operation, they want to run. 
Are you thinking about taking on a HMO or converting a property into a HMO? Here are 6 usefull tips that will help you to get started and ensure things run smoothly.  
At this month’s Northamptonshire Property Social, on Monday 18 June at Cheyne Walk Club, local landlords and property developers will meet property coach and mentor expert Mark Dearing of Mentors Inc. 
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